LV Yang,ZHAO Zheng,WANG Jiantao,et al.Shaking table tests of a rigid frame bridge with footing separation[J].EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING DYNAMICS,2022,42(02):071-77.[doi:10.13197/j.eeed.2022.0208]





Shaking table tests of a rigid frame bridge with footing separation
吕杨1 赵征1 王建涛1 杨子奇2 陈宇3
1. 天津城建大学 天津市土木建筑结构防护与加固重点实验室, 天津 300384;
2. 新西兰奥克兰大学土木与环境工程学院, 奥克兰1142;
3. 中国民航大学 交通科学与工程学院, 天津 300300
LV Yang1 ZHAO Zheng1 WANG Jiantao1 YANG Ziqi2 CHEN Yu3
1. Tianjin Key Laboratory of Civil Structure Protection and Reinforcement, Tianjin Chengjian University, Tianjin 300384, China;
2. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of Auckland, Auckland 1142, New Zealand;
3. School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin 300300, China
shaking table testrigid frame bridgesingle-column bridgefooting separation
Transient and partial separation of bridge footings from the support would reduce the transmitted seismic loading from the ground and cause re-contact impacts at the footing-support interface,thus dissipating energy from structures. However,most of the research has been done numerically or analytically. In the present study,a scaled down bridge was designed and built. This bridge can simulate two footing conditions,i.e. fixed and footing separation. Shaking table tests were carried out on the bridge of different footing conditions to examine the dynamic properties,acceleration and displacement responses. Results indicate that partial footing separation was prone to increase the displacement of the girder while reducing the bending moment in the pier. Also,the footing separations were more dominated by the frequency than the amplitude of excitations.


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